Rebekah Jewell Art of Chinese Cooking

The class was great Rebekah. I plan on making the dishes for my family and friends soon. I'm heading up to New York in a few weeks so I will be making a trip to Chinatown and investing in a wok. Thanks again.

O'Neil Palmer
Burke, Virginia

Thank you for the cooking class. How did I love your class? Let me count the ways: so practical, so delicious, so interesting and varied and that is not counting your wonderful sense of humor. Thanks again.

Carol Kennedy
Mt. Vernon, Virginia

I just wanted to tell you that it was a pleasure having you come teach us how to cook. I think after you left, we were all wondering when the next class would be. :) Your great sense of humor, your constant references to chinese culture, and the way you made cooking these wonderful dishes look so easy all made this such an enjoyable experience.

Michael Huie
Arlington, Virginia

We had a great time learning to prepare Chinese cuisine with Rebekah! The class was entertaining and very insightful for the novice chef. We picked up many great tips and secrets in the art of cooking. We had a blast!

Ann Huie
Arlington, Virginia

My cousin hosted a Chinese Cooking class that Rebekah taught. I was a little skeptical at first, there were 6 of us and I wanted to make sure that we would be able to be hands on in the preparations and cooking. I was pleasantly surprised. Rebekah mixed historical facets and humor into cooking. We were all able to experience the joys of Chinese cooking. I learned the secret to the General Tso's sauce and if I do say so myself, all our dishes were quite good. Thanks for being a great teacher.

Shirley Wong
Arlington, Virginia

Rebekah is a cooking expert of both simple and elegant Chinese cuisine. Her classes are easy going guides to food. Preparations along with her warmth, humor and complete knowledge of Chinese Cooking. Novice cooks such as myself with no prior experience in Chinese cooking can prepare all of her diverse and delectable dishes presented in a simple step by step fashion with easy to follow instructions. The original informative recipes were created by Rebekah from her extensive knowledge and experience of Chinese cooking. Her book with its simple directions can produce dishes that look and taste like they were prepared by an experienced cook.

Gloria A. Toner
Fairfax, Virginia

That was a treat it was today attending your Chinese Cooking Workshop. As you mentioned, everything looks easy until you have to do it yourself. That show that you have mastered the art of your cooking: when you let others think they can do as well as you do. I look forward to attending any other cooking classes you may hold in the future and the recipe you may be will to share. You are an outstanding lady. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a delightful way of interacting with people.

Linda Areklett
Clifton, Virginia

Rebekah's life in two cultures provides the basis for her unique approach to classis Chinese cuisine; dishes created with elegant style but with a minimum of effort. The delicious recipes that I have used range from the traditional Chicken Lo Mein to the wonderful inventive Paper-Wrapped Shrimp, a particular hit with my husband. She provided a great introduction to Chinese staples, where to find them and how to choose and prepare them. The advice on selecting cookware and specially tools, including proper techniques for slicing and chopping, was invaluable. Rebekah's effervescent personality makes her classes great fun. Just how much she loves cooking and sharing it with others is evident and certainly something special.

Penny Young
Alexandria, Virginia

Can it possibly be 30 years since I took Rebekah Jewell's Chinese Cooking classes? I guess that when you use something so often, it just becomes a natural part of your life. During the past three decades I have entertained family, friends, business colleagues, and visitors from abroad with Rebekah's recipes. I have shared them countless times with guests who marveled at the meals I could prepare because of her instruction. We all anxiously wait for Rebekah's book, which will be a welcome relief form thumbing through tattered, old, carefully preserved cooking directions! I also look forward to being able to say to my guests: "Here's is a cookbook that shows you exactly how I created this wonderful dinner."

Liz Coughlin
Haymarket, Virginia

I come from a family who love to eat. I wanted to spend some time with my Mother and doing something fun. So, we signed up for Rebekah's cooking classes for 8 weeks. We found Rebekah to be warm, friendly & so encouraging in preparing all the food. She was prepared and ask our opinions. Made suggestions for altering the recipes if there were special needs. I have taken classes in Paris, England and in Italy and I still use many of Rebecca's recipes. My 27-year-old son's favorite dessert is Rebecca's flan. I will buy her books as clients' gifts because I know all the recipes will be fabulous.

Pearl Erber
Oakton, Virginia

My Chinese cooking classes with Rebekah Jewell, which I attended in the mid-70's, proved to be invaluable when I was doing official entertaining at various embassy posts in Africa and the Middle East. The greatest hits were the wonderful cold spicy noodle dish and the Soy sauce chicken dish which could be prepared ahead and made large enough to serve dozens of guests. I rejected pleas to give out her recipes for fear of losing my delicious and unique party standbys.

Beth Kouttab
Chantilly, Virginia

Rebekah bubbles over with enthusiasm and knowledge of her native country and its foods. I loved her classes and came home with great recipes.

Jacqueline B. Waldron
Springfield, Virginia

Rebekah's enthusiasm for cooking is contagious ... she wants you to have fun, and enjoy while creating a delicious meal."

Holly Lukens
Fairfax, Virginia

I was raised on a farm near Staunton, Virginia. I cooked with my mom from the time I was 6 years old. We never had casserole dishes and stuck pretty much to meat and potatoes or rice and vegetables. As an adult I had tried making stir-fry with mixed results. I took Rebekah's "Cooking Lite" class and discovered that with her recipes I could count on my food tasting delicious each and every time I cooked. I was thrilled with my new recipes. The next class I took from her she even asked what we would like to learn how to cook. She showed such respect for each student's needs and desires. I loved taking classes from such an energetic and fun-loving woman.

Ginsy Shumate
Fairfax, Virginia

Rebekah's class was the perfect combination of instruction appropriate for every level of experience, support for a beginner like me, hands-on learning, and fun. She's a master teacher and team-builder, who inspired everyone in class to try something new. She showed us that the many steps of preparation often have short cuts and are always worth it when your friends see -- and taste -- the final product.

Judy Judd-Price
Arlington, Virginia

Not only is this recipe (Sliced Chicken with assorted vegetables) delicious to the taste and appealing to the eye, but by parboiling the veggies and by preparing the sauce in advance and by refrigerating them with separate containers of chopped fresh green onions, ginger and garlic, I will now have to leave my guests only a few minutes to actually do the presentation at the time of the actual dinner: Last minute freedom and fun, thanks to you. You’ve made it so easy!

Joan Meyer
Fairfax, Virginia

I have always had an interest in cooking and wanted to take some ethnic cooking classes, so I signed up with Fairfax County for a Chinese cooking class. Whos doesn't like Chinese, and I thought I would impress my friends too. Rebekah taught this class and I collected an incredible amount of information in just one class. The next session I took another class with Rebekah, then another. It's not just a demonstration but a real hands-on class when Rebekah teaches. She provides written recipes and step- by- step instructions along with class involvement. And there are no secrets she won't reveal to the art of sucessful and delicious Chinese cuisine. When Rebekah mentioned that she also gave private classes in your home, I invited several of my friends over for a Chinese food-fest. We cooked several main dishes then sampled our efforts. Four husbands also enjoyed the efforts of our afternoon in the kitchen, because there were leftovers enough for everyone to take home. Rebekah is a wonderful chef, always striving to make the class fun and informative and everyone as knowledgable as possible about Chinese cooking before they go out the door. No wonder she is such a success in the county!

Sandy Bonomi
Alexandria, Virginia

I have taken two classes from Professor Jewell, Introduction to Chinese Cooking and Tofu Workshop, both through the adult education program of Arlington County. She provided recipes for all the dishes the students prepared in class. Each was a success because the recipe instructions were clear and the measurements of the ingredients accurate, having been time-tested by Professor Jewell at home and in the many classes she has taught. It is a tribute to Professor Jewell's teaching methods that amateurs such as myself, with little or no previous exposure to Chinese cooking, could unfailingly bring off four or five dishes in an evening that approached restaurant quality in taste and eye appeal.

Edward Webman
Arlington, Virginia

I had the best time I've had in a long time last night. The class was fun, the food delicious, and the company great! Thank you so much. You are truly a "Jewel."

Penny Wilk
Fairfax, Virginia

I feel that I have a new friend now in you. You truly are a remarkable woman and an excellent teacher. The cooking class was much more than a cooking class. It was a gathering of friends who learned about Chinese culture and history, food preparation, utensil use, all kinds of wonderful tips for cooking and using ingredients, and who shared a wonderful beyond-expectations afternoon. Your sparkling personality made the day. I guess I should also tell you that the recipes are absolutely delicious. You are a super star. Thank you so much for coming to our home and sharing your knowledge with my friends and me. Everyone had a truly beautiful afternoon.

Grace Sines
Laurel, Maryland

First of all, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class. You are a fantastic chef and a great entertainer. I liked the recipes so much that I replicated the dinner the next night - including the persimmons! My family loved the shrimp pockets and the soup. I was shocked that my husband even liked the tofu. I will continue to make the recipes for my family and friends. I would love to hear of any upcoming classes that you might hold.

Jane Edwards
McLean, Virginia

Thanks again for the cooking class Saturday night. I really loved not only the food, but the wonderful cooking tips embedded in the stories of your life.

Eleanor Holmes
Great Falls, Virginia

Thanks again, Rebekah, for a great class! It was a pleasure to have you in my home! Everyone had a great time, the food was delicious, and we enjoyed your stories!

Kim Romary
McLean, Virginia

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